Bring home the future, April 14, 2020

Bring home the future, April 14, 2020

Bring home the future, April 14, 2020Bring home the future, April 14, 2020

Last Appeal Video

Why would any one want to be Mayor now?

my 1990s Cable Access TV Show described more below it

 Please enjoy this cutdown version of my 1990s Cable Access TV Show that was “The Freethinker.” This is offered as an example of forward-thinking. This is cheesy, and it is supposed to make you laugh and still also make sense. This is before Austin Powers, and The Freethinker is a recently unfrozen Hippy that has his own show, then finds the original frozen Beatnik who happens to be running for president. 

Trayvon Martin Video

I added this because I spoke about it in the final appeal.


ABOUT the campaign

Serving The Community

David Paul has been part of this community for many years, working tirelessly to make it a better place while demonstrating the vision and judgment to actually help.  This will continue.

Some of what David Paul has done.

  • Mr. Paul has been in the thick of city improvement since getting his first stop sign from the city in 2003 and was a vocal early advocate for getting cameras to record the city council meetings. 
  • Fought before the last drought started for sensible water usage policy and kept track of the State and local Waterboards and what they do as best one can.
  • Seeing the need to charter our city, he led the charge for years bearing the consternation of those who said it could not be done, to get it done, providing many financial and civic benefits to the city.
  • Put forward an electronic traffic enforcement plan that could have made the city millions in revenue when copied by other states, cities, and countries.
  • Founding member of The Tapestry Human Relations Commission which made significant progress addressing race,  sexual preference, and criminal justice issues.
  • He has had a constant presence through the years seeing first hand the most important developments and milestones in our city's development.
  • Serves as Chair of AV Homeless Coalition subcommittee on problem-solving. 

Some of what he will do.

  • Restore dignity and respect to the citizens working to make Lancaster a better place or attending city council meetings.
  • Pursue traditional and non-traditional means for job creation and growth.
  • Work at affordable housing, with seniors and foster youth a special focus.
  • Approach homelessness in a more thoughtful manner.
  • Grow a sports league concept for all ages to bring revenue to the city.
  • Remind everyone often, Vote by Mail for the April 14th chance to change the leadership of our city.
  • Allow people addressing the city council on any matter to have their faces able to be seen by people watching the city meetings or the recordings. One of the current ways R. Rex Parris limits public participation is to keep dissenters and answer seekers faceless to the public. It does no real good, it's just rude and unconstitutional. 
  • This post is for the young lady who asked about kids, I have had this in mind from the start.   

Why Rex won't debate me

This was the last time Rex showed up for any debate or event that he doesn't have total control over.

Get involved!

Kicking fun.

don't mess with the leg.

Joe Slow

Don't mess with the leg, please.

Bonus punching Video

This is part of the Sports League I will bring to Lancaster.